Protection Services

Our protection services include detailed planning and advance preparations, using the latest counter-surveillance methods and protective intelligence analysis and reporting in conjunction with physical security.

Our teams are customized to each client’s individual requirements with consideration given to the operating environment, very latest threat state and security profile.

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BCT executive protection teams provide security services for diplomats and commercial clients in high-risk and complex environments. Executive protection is a necessary security measure for individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that would make them the target of a physical attack or kidnapping.

What We Provide

Executive Protection

We provide executive protection operatives to support our clients on a global basis.

Our operatives are professionals on level with company supervisors. With minimal direction, our staff provide a scalable, full complement of services. Our operators combined backgrounds in private security, law enforcement, close protection, military, and business ensure complete professionalism in all missions.

Protective Intelligence

Integrating ongoing intelligence into an executive protection program changes the strategies and level of protection.


By leveraging the available tools and understanding the warning signs that signal possible threats from individuals and organizations we can implement or improve a strategy to manage those risks.

Training and Assessment

Training Workshops:

Travel Security

Abduction Avoidence

Active Shooter

Personal Protection

Private Instruction



Residential Security

Office Security

Social Media

Route Assessment

Lifestyle Risk

Family Member Risk

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